Values at First Presbyterian Church

Scripture is our foundation - biblical integrity matters

The church is a family – relationships are essential for us 

All of life redeemed for God’s glory – our Reformed, Presbyterian heritage
has much to teach us 

We are called to move towards Jesus as we reach out to others – 
we want to stay gospel- focused

We want to equip others to equip others – training in the faith 
is necessary for living and sharing that faith

ECO constitution

& essential tenets

For an understanding of the foundational beliefs that First Presbyterian Church understands as right theology, take a moment to view this reference document put together by the Covenant Order of Evangelicals (ECO). You can access this document by clicking on the image to the right. 

For more information on ECO, click here.

What is the Covenant Order of evangelicals (ECO)?

First Presbyterian Church is a congregation that is an ECO Church. ECO is committed to making disciples of Jesus Christ, connecting leaders through accountable relationships, and committing to share the Christian life together and with others. As a Presbyterian Church, ECO adheres to Reformed theology and Presbyterian polity (church leadership).

For more information about ECO: Visit the ECO website or contact Pastor Mike Haddox or Pastor Jen Haddox.